On the 16th of January, we had the 17th session of the Docker meetup, co-organized by Neependra Khare and Shippable India. The meetup event page is here.

Although we had nearly 300  RSVP s, we had an attendance of somewhere around 100-150, which is good, higher in fact than earlier meetups.

This time around, the meetup focused on container clustering (and networking) and orchestration technologies like docker swarm,  kubernetes, mesos and even Amazon ECS.

We started off, with a short Q&A session, followed by tea and then the real session began. First off, we had Arunan Rabindran, from Docker Inc. (who had come down from the US for a vacation), talk about docker swarm, along with a working example.

This was followed by a talk, on Google Kubernetes, by Neependra Khare, the co-organizer and host where he also talked about how it worked with an example.

Once completed, we had a talk about Mesos, an Apache project, that unlike the ones before wasn’t specialized for containers, but holds promise as it is simple, with an easy to use interface, and relatively is simpler to understand. The talk was done by Aditya Patawari.

This was followed by a talk on Amazon ECS from Vinothini Raju, from Bluemetric,  the complexity of which seriously made me reconsider the future for Amazon in the world of containers. It was really nice to learn though that Bluemetric has built their own CI platform using container technology.

Lunch was enjoyable, and served as a place for people to network while enjoyed yummy pizzas and cool drinks While this should have been the end of it, due to enormous enthusiasm shown by a group of developers from Hasura, we had an extra (but very interesting presentation on the pangea project kick-start documentation on the Hasura blog). A really interesting automation tool allowing easy installing and configuring of kubernetes along with simple setup with many other orchestration providers as well.

All in all, it was a great experience with a lot of interaction, learning and networking, looking forward to the next one…



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