Gophercon India 2016, happened recently in Bangalore on 19th and 20th of February in Vivanta by Taj, Bengaluru. My first golang related event or meetup. Though i came to know of it pretty late (tickets sold out late !!), thanks to one of my colleagues and new friends, Budhram, I was able to not only acquire a last minute cancelled ticket, but actually volunteer for the event.

A board near Gopercon entrance

If was a really fun filled event with great talks, meeting amazing people, good food and everything in between.

We had people all the way from all Mexico to USA to Singapore coming for the event with a great and vibrant crowd sitting in one area for the purpose of learning and promoting go.

The speaks were great and I particularly enjoyed the keynote Opening Keynote – Introducing Go 1.6: asymptotically approaching boring by Brad Fitzpatrick on Day 1 and Fighting FUD by Mark Bates on Day 2. Most of the other talks were also very good.

Brad Fitzpatric preparing everyone for the journey ahead

Towards the end of day one, we had lightening talks, where one of our number, Saleem Ansari, gave a talk on Project Atomic, what are the sub-projects under it, and how they all fit together.

saleem lighterning
Lighening Saleem taking it away on Atomic

An unexpected but amazing thing that happened, at the end of day 1 is that I managed to meet up with many Redhatters some of whom, I had only heard about and went out to catch over tea.

Redhatters catching up over tea/cofee

I also was able to talk Project Atomic, with my fellow redhatters to many people at the conference evoking interest in the project by many while there.

Overall, I have to say that Gophercon 2016 was an amazing experience.

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