The well known Docker meetup of Bangalore, happened on the 27th of February 2016. With Neependra Khare at its helm, it took place in the the HP Office, at Electronic City, Bengaluru.

Considering the fact that there were many beginners, the schedule was shifted around a bit so that basic talk were covered first, to allow the new guys to catch up.

The first talk was about Docker Logging drivers by Neependra Khare  himself where he talked about the default json-file logging and how we can change this to use some of the other drivers to redirect the container logs to rsyslog for example.

This was followed by a discussion on a logging and monitoring tool, Google CAdvisor, which was a good discussion to start of with as CAdvisor is a no nonsense, easy to use and deploy tool.

Saifi Khan and CAdvisor

After tasty tea and snacks, courtesy of our HP Enterprise hosts,  we had a talk about Sysdig, a one stop logging and monitoring open source solution by Sreenivas Makam from Cisco.

Sreenivas digging up sysdig.
Sreenivas digging up sysdig.

The final talk of the day was by  Vinayak Krishna, from Solutions IQ,  and it was on Monitoring Docker containers with Fluentd,  an open source data collector for the purpose of understanding data.

Vinayak Krishna the bird trainer
Vinayak Krishna the bird trainer

After all these informative sessions and collecting swag from the Digital Ocean guys there (who i incidentally met at Gopercon  2016 as well, yes the same guys who were looking to open a Data Center in india!!!), me along with Neependra, and my friends and colleges Lalatendu Mohanty, Suraj Deshmukh and Shubam Minglani went out for lunch at the Punjabi Rasoi and then spent the rest of the day discussing, hanging out and having fun, before heading home.


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