Starting from September 23rd 2016 onto September 25th 2016, we had conference of Pycon India 2016, at the Convention Center in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) new campus in Delhi. It is a massive event with a large number of python enthusiasts, organized by the Python Software Society of India (PSSI).

I reached Delhi a day before and had a look at the place, finding out that the location is quite the way inside the huge campus of JNU.

Convention Center, JNU, Delhi, the location of Pycon India 2016

I stayed at my one of my uncles friends place for the entire duration and had a very enjoyable stay.

Pycon itself was an amazing event where i got to meet a lot of amazing people and hear some pretty cool talks.

The first day, 23rd of September, started off with workshops and Devsprints. From my team at Red hat, we had a workshop on Docker by Lalatendu Mohanty and Suraj Deshmukh. We also had a devsprint on ansible-container, by Shubam Minglani.

Shubam Minglani in the devsprint at Pycon India 2016

The first keynote, delivered by Baishampayan Ghose, CTO/Co-founder at Helpshift, Inc, an amazing talk about rousing developers of distributed systems, from their stupor about Santa Claus ;).

Baishampayan Ghose, delivering the first keynote of Pycon India 2016

This was followed by a plethora of great talks to attend ranging from one about topics such as Event Driven Programming, to building chat bots and robots, to generators in python to the Centos Community Container Pipeline.

We were also graced by the presence of Pyladies as Pycon as well

Pyladies @ Pycon

We had great lunch on both days on the venue itself, with queues turning into pythons of their own, if you catch my meaning.

Lunch @ Pycon India 2016

The conference was also the meeting point for the people from dgplug. There were meeting and even a photo shoot and handing of goodies to dgplug members.

DGPLUG @ Pycon

All in all although , it was my first Pycon experience, it was an amazing one. Looking forward to more such cool experiences.

PS: For those who want it sayans collection and the facebook album of pycon would be a great source for cool photos.


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