Today i went for a movie at The Forum mall (@TheForumMallKor) at Koramangala and experienced one the problems of a cash strapped (not money strapped) person in places which only accept cash payments.

Cash payment of anything has become a problem since Modiji (@narendramodi) demonetized the old 500 and 1000 Rs notes.

While the demonetization is not the problem (hey i support the move), the the fallout of the move which is the low availability of usable cash that is becoming a problem for the common man.

Finding oneself having enough money, but not enough cash is a weird problem indeed (oh and you get blamed for not having the cash, like that is your fault ATMs dont have notes or you dont want to spend an entire day to get 1 Rs 2000 note, for which no one is willing give change). It is really difficult to lay your hands on cash due to ATM’s always either ‘Out of Cash’ or ‘Out of order’, and miles and miles of long queues to deal with in other avenues such as bank counters. Some banks have even restricted the amount of cash you can withdraw at a time (a single 2000 Rs note – looking at you @canarabanktweet)

And now we have certain service points (case in point @TheForumMallKor, but its not the only one obviously), which only accept payments in cash at a time where local shops have started accepting Rs 5-10 payments even by card or paytm and the like.

I am not saying we should all go cashless, that is not going to happen anytime soon. But at least people should be willing to accept the payments through modes other than cash, whenever required, especially during this transition time, at least until enough cash becomes available.


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