It was beautiful Saturday morning on June 10th, 2017 in Bangalore. Arrays of container nerds from all over, swarming into the Google office, at RMZ infinity Towers for a day of worship of the Kubernetes God 😉 😉

It was really cool to see such an amazing turnout, greater than 60, so far off, on a Saturday, in the Awesome Bangalore Weather.

Lots of people giving rapt attention to Raghavendra, while some enjoy a round of Clash of Clans

We kicked the day off with a great talk on Java in kubernetes by Kamesh Sampath of Red Hat, with over 15 years roaming and mastering the world of Java.

Kamesh Sampath, kicking off the meetup

There was a considerable Java crowd, hence the talk went, longer than expected with many people, doting the same with questions. “How is it different from Mesos?”, questioned one nerd, “Can we have stateful micro-services?”, asked another.

We actually had to breakout after this, as people needed a break after such an amazing and long talk.

Hot snacks were served, courtesy of Google, including really long veg puff, pakodas, biscuits both of the salt kind and the sweet vanilla flavoured with jam kind, Tea and coffee and so on.

This was followed by a very interesting talk (read discussion), on persistent storage in Kubernetes, using Gluster, by Raghavendra Talur of Red Hat, storing his life into Gluster for a while now.

In an amazing turn of events, I saw a talk turn into an open discussion, within minutes. I began to wonder if the slides were even needed.

Raghavendra explaining gluster setup on kubernetes (One of the few slides that were used)

Questions were flying left, right and center here, and it looked more like some sort of nerd war zone. One question zipped past, “How is this different from s3?”, and before anyone could recover, boom, another shot was heard from a distance, “How is the speed, comparable to traditional storage?”.

Machine guns started raining their lead loads from the trenches, “Is there de-duplication?”, “Is it intelligent enough to take from closest replica?”, “How do you aggregate logs?”, a seemingly never ending streams.

After this amazing session, where barely 4 slides were used, we had Neependra Khare, talk about how to get stuff outside the “Great Wall of Kubernetes”, to get past the forts and guards, and talk to stuff inside.

He made use of minikube to show this, and it was also a really interesting talk, with him, showing the same in practice with two sample website brothers Mr Blue and Mr Green.

Mr Blue or Mr Green, who is it going to be this time?

It was really cool to find out that this can be handled in a really simple way.

We ended the day, with a cool talk from Rohit Gupta of Google, talking about how the awesome Kubernetes god came into being and how it has blessed many with its awesomeness.

Rohit from google about kubernetes and Google Cloud

It would be really cool though if there was deeper discussion about the kubernetes system itself, including architecture and background. Also, due to paucity of time, the awesome talk on gluster had to be cut short. Time management is of paramount importance, both the the overall meetup and the speakers.

Also, priority should be given to demos over talks as something which people can go back and try would be more useful.

In conclusion, it was a really cool experience, being among st awesome people (read nerds), in the awesome office of Google, with tasty snacks and lovely environment.

A great many thanks, to the speakers, attendees and the folks from Google who made this meetup very successful. Many we have many many more.

Slides & Resources:

  1. Java Microservices on Kubernetes :
  2. Gluster : and



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